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In elementary school, I was diagnosed with a specific learning disability as well as anxiety and was given an IEP. Later in life I came to realize that my learning disability is actually Dyscalculia. In middle school, I was put on a 504 plan. Through the years, I became more self-aware and interested in my educational plans. By high school, I was an integral part of my educational team. During high school I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder as well as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  I developed a strong desire to go into Special Education to be a voice of change and progress.  


Meet Julie Collison

I have personal experience with IEPs, 504 plans, self-advocacy, and self-determination that give me unique perspectives and drive to help others succeed.

Julie's Bio

Early years

In high school, I babysat for incredible families who had children with Down Syndrome, Mitochondrial Disease, and Autism. I was also highly involved in my high school's chapter of the Council for Exceptional Children, holding the positions of Public Relations and Vice President. These experiences grew my desire to go to school for Special Education.


In 2010, I graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor's degree in Special Education and a license as a K-12 Intervention Specialist, Moderate to Intense. While in school, I worked as an in-home care provider for Hattie Larlham. These behind the scenes experiences gave me invaluable insights into the inner workings of the families I would be serving for the rest of my career.


Prior to graduation in 2010, I learned of a Master's program at Kent State University where participants earn their Master's degree while also working as part of the Kent State Transition Collaborative, and the Career and Community Studies Program as a Transition Coordinator in training. Through these programs I was able to learn more about job coaching, supervising job coaches, accommodations, and teaching high school students with disabilities employability, academic, and life skills.

In 2012, I graduated from Kent State University with a Master's degree in Special Education and Transition-to-Work with a license as a K-12 Intervention Specialist, Moderate to Intense, with a Transition-to-Work Endorsement.



New Story School, Pennsylvania

In 2012, I moved to York, Pennsylvania and became an Intervention Specialist at New Story in a 9th-12+ grade Autism specific classroom. I learned so much from this experience and realized I wanted to spend some time in the adult services world to gain a better understanding of those processes and opportunities and to bring my knowledge of Special Education.

Hattie Larlham Center for Children with Disabilities, Ohio

In 2013, I moved back to Ohio and began a role as a Job Placement Coordinator for Hattie Larlham, where I assisted people with disabilities in job search, placement, and retention. I established and maintained relationships with employers and public agencies, and taught employability skills to participants. That role evolved and I became the Supported Employment Manager. In this role, I coordinated services and continued to maintain relationships with employers, program participants, job coaches, referral sources and guardians. I trained and supervised community based job coaches and created and implemented employability intervention strategies. During my time at Hattie Larlham, I also ran the Summer Youth Program where participants completed an orientation where they learned employability skills using the Skills to Pay the Bills curriculum, followed by a work experience. I moved on from this experience so that I could take what I learned from the adult world and bring the knowledge back to school-based services.

Monarch Center for Autism, Ohio

In 2016 I began my role as the Transition Coordinator for Monarch. For the 2017 school year I added the title of Middle School High School Program Supervisor. In these roles I supervised teachers and their classrooms. I assisted with training of staff in transition education and best practice, coordinated post-school services for students, assisted in agency referrals, created and maintained relationships with student worksites, and assisted in program management with the rest of the supervisory team.

Ingenuity Unlimited

These incredible experiences have taught me so much and have fueled my desire to learn and do more. I decided to start my own business to fill the voids I so often see in this field. I love the idea that I can help in more creative ways.  When you work with Ingenuity Unlimited, you receive personalized services to meet any need. See "Who We Serve" to get a more in depth understanding.

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